Character Animation for Lego Videogames 2014-2015
Some links to Characetrs I animated for Lego Batman 3 and Lego Dimensions
Sensei Wu, Lego Dimensions
Second Doctor, Dr Who, Lego Dimensions
Peter Venkman, Lego Dimensions
Test Animations 2012-2013
GTAV Ingame Animation Reel 2010-2012
September 2013

Breakdown outlining what animation on the reel I was responsible for:

1. All animation excluding player controlled character and facial
2. Bike hire assistant
3. Stag
4. Human statue
5. Impotent Rage excluding facial
6. Clinton excluding facial
7. Duster, Cuban and Jet Figter planes
8. Trevor, Floyd and screen left welder
9. Ladder system
10. Trevour and Mr.K
11. Jimmy
Character Animation Reel 2010
July 2010
Responsible for all Animation, Props and Lighting
Rigs provided by Animation Mentor
Other Animation 2009-10
Some early animation exercises by me here